Buddha With Bling

Author and Buddha With Bling Jewelry designer JENNIFER SCHUITEMAKER was born in the United States and educated in Europe. JENNIFER was imprinted with a natural affinity for new thought and ways of thriving. Traveling extensively, she dissected different cultures ways of being.  She studied their ways of expressing, and relating to the world around them. Studying the teachings of both past and present masters, JENNIFER Schuitemaker combined that knowledge with her life experiences to become a highly educated and certified visionary in her own right.

Throughout her journey, JENNIFER discovered that what she was searching for all along was inside of her the whole time. Knowing that to be true for everyone, JENNIFER has dedicated her life to debunking the myth that we are somehow broken and need to be fixed.

Tap into this revolutionary way of harmonizing the physical and spiritual worlds. JENNIFER translates these insights into a Conscious Wardrobe Collection. It is for those wishing to reconcile their passion for living large, vibrant, and colorful lives in a world that still doesn’t embrace its own potential.

Each Buddha With Bling piece is handmade in a global collaboration that extends from Singapore to India and all the way back to The USA. Each Buddha With Bling piece contains a jewel of wisdom to inspire you and awaken your consciousness.  To remind you of the MAGNIFICENCE you are all along. This conscious mosaic comes alive in a way that is revolutionary and easy to master. The result is Buddha With Bling.  The bridge into the life YOU have been waiting for.

Buddha With Bling incorporates JENNIFER SCHUITEMAKER'S  love for fashion, and her constant state of spiritual awareness. JENNIFER'S discerning ability to see the connection between the worlds of spirituality and fashion, is what inspired her to create this line. She aims to uplift, inspire, and awaken the minds of all who wear her globally inspired pieces.

JENNIFER always asks the question ARE YOU READY? As in, are you ready to live the EXTRAORDINARY life you were meant to live? JENNIFER has mastered what it takes to lead a happy, fulfilling life and shares her insights with everyone looking to achieve the same.

Crown yourself Queen.  CLAIM YOUR CROWN for an Extraordinary Life. As you take each step, JENNIFER will be there reminding you of your own MAGNIFICENCE until the day comes that you are able to see it in yourself.


Buddha with Bling - Jennifer Schuitemaker