No Matter Where You Are, Just Bring You

You are perfectly qualified right now

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing.
–Andy Rooney

Dear Perfectly Perfect Imperfections,

As I sit here in my living room of ten months contemplating the sheer magnitude of what I am embarking on, it still hasn’t hit me yet. I am so focused and driven by the momentum of it that I haven’t had time to feel it.
I look around at the boxes with my belongings in them and all the disheveled things around them, and realize that even though I can’t seem to find myself in this clutter, there is always this unseen, untouchable part of me from which I can never escape.

This part is composed of two very different opposing forces. One is plugged into that unwavering, uncompromising place of trust and conviction. The other part is the one that challenges me. This part keeps me on the edge, constantly thinking, charging, changing and questioning what I’m doing. In fact, currently this part of me is convinced that I must have everything complete and tied up with a bow before I make this major move—which will inevitably keep me stuck and unable to move on.

Sound familiar?

Somehow, somewhere, I agreed to the belief that I must be acceptable and perfectly qualified in certain aspects before moving into the next step of my dream. Yet acceptable to whom or what?

It is my thoughts about these thoughts that are holding me back!

I have been told that I must identify and work towards removing the obstacles if I want to get what I desire. Furthermore I have to FEEL exactly what I want and then I will be more qualified to see it manifest itself. Yet these very ideas were holding me hostage to the life that was trying to unfold before my very eyes.

For intellectual/ perfectionists, like myself and many others, I had agreed to set up enormous requirements that I must fulfill in order to ensure success on a new age spiritual manifestation scale. This left me feeling unworthy, clueless, and unqualified towards getting what I want and deserve. Is this the only way?

I really, really want to move across the country to a tropical, warm place that is more fitting for my makeup. I have talked, dreamed and planned it for years. I plan on taking my two children, getting married and starting a new life. I cannot explain it; it’s just a huge part of what I must do. I am at the point where listening to the voice is louder than NOT listening to the voice. Just like a lot of us, I have dreams, ambitions and goals that I want to unfold in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

I cannot believe that the only way to transition into my next stage of life is to first overturn my shadows, reprogram my old thinking and perfectly tune out negative thoughts—clearing my mind of everything holding me back.
That would mean the only way to be worthy of the life that is waiting for me, you or anyone, is to make sure that everything is neatly checked off, qualified, tidied up, and transcended. So the only possibility that would allow us to feel worthy of moving to a new city, leaving our job, writing that book or speaking out for something we’re passionate about, would be when we are perfectly qualified to embrace this new life.

The point is, there is NOTHING that will qualify us or make us more worthy of where we are going. We are the destination, the journey, the end, and the beginning. No matter how far to the ends of the earth we go or how hard we work on it, we are still inside the same journey. The destination IS the journey. The journey is going to be a constant state of transition.

There is nothing broken in any of us, nothing that needs to be fixed. There is just a perfect state of IMPERFECT PERFECTION.

While I agree that thoughts and feelings are important, they are part of a huge mosaic of our life. A piece of the puzzle. Merely a piece. For when these pieces become the new so-called requirements towards a happy and more fulfilling life, they lose their effectiveness and become the very deterrents they were never meant to be.
We are DIVINE, remember? Like the acorn seed, we have everything we need for this journey inside of us.

Don’t hold yourself back by forgetting this and return to believing there are requirements to make you whole again. You can’t perfect your way into life.

The journey is the destination. You are supposed to be figuring it all out as you go. There will never be the perfect time or place. Just the realization that the journey to somewhere was always back to YOU.

Are YOU Ready?

As you take each step I will be there reminding you of your Magnificence, and I will continue to do so, until you are able to see it in yourself.

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